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Red Velvet October 27, 2011

Posted by forgottenmoon in Inspired by a dream, Writing Challenge.


I step into an enormous, old Victorian house. There is an eerie cleanliness to the place, even though the entire house has been vacant for years. As I explore the house, I hear something crash from a bathroom and run in to see what it was. As a dark, unnatural cloud slip over the sun and envelopes the house, I hear whispers of spiders in my ear, and spiders begin to appear out of nowhere, making huge, disgusting webs. A door appears in the room and opens to reveal a woman wearing a red velvet mask. She points at me with a long finger and bellows, “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! WHY HAVE YOU COME TO THIS HOUSE?” I try to speak but the ghost says, “SILENCE! IF YOU WISH TO STAY IN THIS HOUSE, YOU MUST FIND MY BODY AND BURY IT! IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE THE NEXT SUN SETS, YOU WILL BE TRAPPED IN THIS HOUSE AS MY PRISONER, FOREVER!” She and the door vanish.

“Oh God, what do I DO?!” I scream as I hear menacing laughter all around me. A door opens behind me and a man dressed as a butler glides in, looking straight at me.

“Miss, I am here to assist,” he says with little expression on his face.

“Who are you?” I say timidly.

“I am your assistant,” he says, “and you will need it, since she is hardly fair.”

“You mean this has happened before?” He nods.

We exit the bathroom and see the whole house has changed into a solitary room with enormous statues of horsemen standing all along the walls. I look at the butler, who does not look perturbed by this much at all. Red velvet drapes flank each statue, covering them slightly. Out of my own foolish curiosity, I go over to one and move the enormous drapes only to find something that terrifies the life out of me. I jump back when I see a head with no body pinned to the wall by sharp, silver-colored spikes, with the expression of sheer horror and wide-eyed fear on its severely lacerated face. Teeth are exposed in a horrible frowning grin, lips removed, as well as eyelids. I stumble back and run from the hideously disfigured head and I hear more maniacal laughter from all around. I look to the butler again. He’s trembling, sweat starts to drip from his forehead, but he still has no expression on his face.

“Butler! Please, what do I do? If I don’t help this woman, I will be trapped in this house forever! You are here for a reason! Please, why are you here? Who are you?!” He looks at me with a slit of an eye and speaks. “I am…her husband. She is merely toying with you! Look through her mask, and see what she truly is, and you will overcome her.” I start looking around the room frantically, searching for something. I see a small, red velvet mask in the corner with an odd, black glow to it. I run fiercely over to it. I hesitate, but I put the mask on, to see a gray, damp room with a very elaborate, metal coffin in the middle of the room. I look over to the butler and he is nothing but a standing skeleton. I look back over to the coffin, and open it to find a rotting corpse in the same dress as the ghost.

“NO!” The woman’s voice screams, and I see the body start to animate. I quickly pull off the mask and strap it onto the head of the corpse. Screaming pierces the room as it fades to the dark and gloomy picture I saw through the mask. The butler, still looking the same, goes over to the coffin and touches it gingerly. “Thank you,” he says, and fades from my sight, along with the coffin. I blink and I am outside the house again. I start running away from the accursed place, and as I look back I glimpse a red velvet mask, hanging from the doorknob.


This has been my writing challenge for October run by Sonia M from Doing the Write Thing.



1. swordsoftheancients - October 27, 2011

Excellent! I’m glad that you finally got this one posted. I love the addition of the picture at the top! 😀 That’s pretty much exactly what I was picturing as I read this story.

2. forgottenmoon - October 27, 2011

Yay! It was really hard trying to find a picture that fit. I wanted one with a black background but there were none, so I picked that one 🙂 Glad you like it, love.

swordsoftheancients - October 27, 2011

I think it’s one of you best. I love getting to read you stories.

swordsoftheancients - October 28, 2011


Good lord… I can edit everyone’s stuff but my own. What a tragedy…

3. Sonia G Medeiros - October 27, 2011

Such an eerie, dreamlike quality! I like what you did with the mask prompt. Thanks for joining.

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5. Robin Hawke - December 16, 2011

Loved how you used the butler, added a lot to a worthy story, Robin

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